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Research and/or EBP Guideline Related to Sexuality, Medication or Psychosocial Aspects of Care

Research and/or EBP Guideline Related to Sexuality, Medication or Psychosocial Aspects of Care

Before posting to the discussion board, locate one research article or EBP guideline that relates to this week’s topics(Topics included in this module include sexuality, medication, & psychosocial impact of aging and chronic illness), Locate a current research article (within the last 5 years) or EBP guideline which addresses sexuality, medication, or psychosocial aspects of care within the aged, disabled, or chronically ill populations. Then address the following:
Entitle your discussion post with the title of the article/guidelineProvide a rationale for why you’ve chosen this article/guideline and state how you intend to use it in practice in one paragraph.
Apply one of the BSN Core Competencies that fit the article/guideline & state your rationale for using it.
Attach the full research article or EBP guideline as a document in the discussion board so that other students can read them and respond more effectively.
For extra help i provide few core competencies that you can choose one of them that fit with the article you choose. These are core competencies:
1. Incorporate professional attitudes, values, and expectations about physical and mental aging in
the provision of patient-centered care for older adults and their families.
Corresponding to Essential VIII
2. Assess barriers for older adults in receiving, understanding, and giving of information.
Corresponding to Essentials IV & IX
3. Use valid and reliable assessment tools to guide nursing practice for older adults.
Corresponding to Essentials IX
4. Assess the living environment as it relates to functional, physical, cognitive, psychological, and
social needs of older adults.
Corresponding to Essential IX
5. Intervene to assist older adults and their support network to achieve personal goals,
based on the analysis of the living environment and availability of community resources.
Corresponding to Essential VII
6. Identify actual or potential mistreatment (physical, mental or financial abuse, and/or selfneglect)
in older adults and refer appropriately.
Corresponding to Essential V
7. Implement strategies and use online guidelines to prevent and/or identify and manage
geriatric syndromes.
Corresponding to Essentials IV & IX
8. Recognize and respect the variations of care, the increased complexity, and the increased use of
healthcare resources inherent in caring for older adults.
Corresponding to Essentials IV & IX
9. Recognize the complex interaction of acute and chronic co-morbid physical and mental
conditions and associated treatments common to older adults.
Corresponding to Essential IX
10. Compare models of care that promote safe, quality physical and mental health care for older
adults such as PACE, NICHE, Guided Care, Culture Change, and Transitional Care Models.
Corresponding to Essential II
11. Facilitate ethical, non-coercive decision making by older adults and/or families/caregivers
for maintaining everyday living, receiving treatment, initiating advance directives, and
implementing end-of-life care.
Corresponding to Essential VIII
12. Promote adherence to the evidence-based practice of providing restraint-free care (both
physical and chemical restraints).
Corresponding to Essential II
13. Integrate leadership and communication techniques that foster discussion and
reflection on the extent to which diversity (among nurses, nurse assistive personnel,
therapists, physicians, and patients) has the potential to impact the care of older adults.
Corresponding to Essential VI
14. Facilitate safe and effective transitions across levels of care, including acute, community-based,
and long-term care (e.g., home, assisted living, hospice, nursing homes) for older adults and
their families.
Corresponding to Essentials IV & IX
15. Plan patient-centered care with consideration for mental and physical health and
well being of informal and formal caregivers of older adults. .
Corresponding to Essential IX
16. Advocate for timely and appropriate palliative and hospice care for older adults with physical
and cognitive impairments.
Corresponding to Essentials IX
17. Implement and monitor strategies to prevent risk and promote quality and safety (e.g., falls,
medication mismanagement, pressure ulcers) in the nursing care of older adults with physical
and cognitive needs.
Corresponding to Essentials II & IV
18. Utilize resources/programs to promote functional, physical, and mental wellness in older adults.
Corresponding to Essential VII
19. Integrate relevant theories and concepts included in a liberal education into the delivery of
patient-centered care for older adults.
Corresponding to Essential I

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