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DIscussion.- total 4 dq

DIscussion.- total 4 dq

DQ 1- 014
Regulatory Environment and Requirements
Select a risk management issue within a specific health care setting or organization. For your initial post to this discussion, construct a plan for regulatory compliance and address principles of high reliability organizations (Youngberg, 2011, p. 346–347). Begin your discussion by defining your selected issue and setting. Then, explain your plan and cite resources and personal experience as appropriate. The issue you select for this discussion will be the focus of the executive summary portion of this unit’s assignment, in which you must create an executive summary that describes your organization’s compliance with the regulatory requirement to promptly identify POAs and proactively assess and manage risk.
Initial posts should be based upon peer-reviewed, evidence-based literature. In your post, include at least one APA-formatted in-text citation and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference. Your source can be a course textbook, assigned reading, or other scholarly source.
Youngberg, B. J. (2011). Principles of risk management and patient safety. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Response Guidelines
Respond to the posts of other learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. If possible, respond to one learner who has a perspective, background, or goals that are similar to yours, and to one learner whose perspective, background, or goals are different. Peer responses should be substantive and must include one peer-reviewed source that aligns with the discussion thread. You may feel free to add an additional source that is new or provides a completely different perspective. “I agree” and “Thanks for sharing your insights” are examples of responses that do not contribute content for enhanced learning and are not acceptable. The goal is quality, substantive feedback that demonstrates higher order critical thinking and evaluation of peers’ initial posts.
DQ 2, 3 and 4 (24)
[u03d1] Unit 3 Discussion 1
Learning from the Past
Considering your analysis of St. Anthony Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery service strengths and opportunities, propose a list of features, advantages, and benefits for the current service offering. With reference to the previous plan, explain your reasoning for the new list.
Response Guidelines
Respond to your fellow learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. Focus on your proposal in relation to that of your colleague: Where do your lists align? Where do they differ? Support your thoughts with your own analysis.
Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
[u03d2] Unit 3 Discussion 2
Competitive Analyses
Review the presentation given by the marketing director in the media piece, Vila Health: Market Analysis. Then construct a competitive analysis focused on social media use for St. Anthony Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery service line versus the two other competitor organizations. Post your document in the discussion space. This completes step three of Kotler’s Marketing Plan format, presented in Health Care Marketing.
Response Guidelines
Review and respond to your fellow learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. Focus your response on a comparison with your own analysis–do you see any emerging patterns? Support your response with reference to your texts and to the information gleaned from St. Anthony Medical Center itself.
Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
Vila Health: Market Analysis | Transcript.
DQ 4
High-Level Marketing Objectives
Revisit the vision, mission, values and strategic plan summary for St. Anthony Medical Center. Given the directional strategy, analyze the current versus desired status of the Labor and Delivery service line. Propose conceptual-level marketing objectives, including performance indicators and proposed measurement units for each indicator. Explain your thinking for each objective.
Response Guidelines
Respond to your fellow learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines, focusing on the similarities and differences between your two plans. Where do you see the biggest difference? Explain how you think will affect overall outcomes.

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