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Case study

Case study

I need 2 for 2 different students, you have the choice to do one of them twice or chose to do both, it’s up to you.
Please pay attention to Case study Grading criteria. Read and answer the questions I need 500 word and there is case study template PLEASE USE IT.
Answer only the assigned question(s)
A well developed answer is required
Thoughtful and thorough answers are expected.
Avoid rehashing case facts
Make reasonable assumptions
Don’t confuse symptoms with problems
Make effective use of financial and other quantitative developed in the case.
Make good use of evidence developed in the case
Please note the following items that are important to me as you prepare your next papers.
Put a page break in before starting your reference page
Use the title ‘References’ – I do not want a bibliography – that is something different. Everything listed in the reference page MUST be referenced / cited within your paper OR it cannot appear there.
Most of your writing needs to be in your own words – use short quotes or citations – do not include lengthy quotations. There is an 85/15 rule that is 85% of the paper must be your own words (evaluations, analysis, and recommendations) based on your research.
Indent the second & subsequent lines of your references on your reference page five spaces
Each paragraph within your paper should have the first sentence of that paragraph indented five spaces for clearer reading
Use subject headers – in this case, Question # 1, Question # 2, etc. are sufficient. Do not write out the questions please.
Remember, APA does not allow first person (‘I believe, I think’, etc. is not in compliance with APA writing).
Never manually type in page numbers – the header function within Microsoft Word should be used to include your page numbers
For your citation of your textbook, always include the page number reference liked this (Keegan & Green, 2011, p. xx).
If you select the Mayo Clinic case – do not submit in a Memo Format – deliver your responses using the case template in APA format.
Use authored references for credit – minus 5 points each if you do not use authored sources – however, you may use your textbook as one of the sources and the other source should be from a peer-reviewed journal.
An optional offer for you to have your papers pre-reviewed is available to you if you email your instructor with a request – subject line should be ‘PRE-REVIEW REQUEST’ and you must ask for the pre-review by WEDNESDAY MIDNIGHT of the week that your paper is due.
Substance of Paper – Minimum 500-words – solid MARKETING content. Template must be used & submitted in MICROSOFT WORD document. Minus 5 points if template is not used. Subject headers required – Introduction, Question # 1, etc. & Conclusion – minus 5 points if not used for organization. Writing caliber includes spelling, grammar, etc. (SEE announcement in classroom – non-adherence to those items will be deducted here). Do not write out questions – minus 3 points if you do.
No Abstract is desired.
Two AUTHORED Outside Reference cited in APA format and credited within your reference page at the end of your paper. One source MUST be a peer reviewed Marketing reference – specifically from the Journal of Marketing (if you deviate from this peer-reviewed source, gain pre-approval 48-hours before the paper is due by sending the actual article to your instructor to gain approval). Citations must be appropriately done within paper in APA FORMAT. Always provide the exact web site address for this course in your recap of references for full credit.
If reference page and citations do not match 100% – minus 10 points. Verify BEFORE you submit your paper.
APA formatted paper with cover page and reference page, Times New Roman 12 font, 1″ margins, double-spacing, etc.
Total Points Earned

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